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VAAST Magnetic Faucet Kit



Using the magnetic clip you can ‘quick as that’ mount the faucet on the side of your vehicle for kids access, or over your camp sink, the included 2m hose gives you the reach you need.

Leave the Tap Outlet on your G-Series Water Tank open and use the conveniently located faucet handle on/off switch to start/stop water flow, preventing wasted water, and helping everyone to reach.

The included hose attaches to the G-Series Water Tank via a simple hose quick connect fitting for fast and leak free setup and removal.

  • For Use with VAAST 18L Water Tank (available separately)

*The hose supplied with the faucet kit is not drinking water safe. It’s perfect for easy access hand washing, and washing up water, but we recommend sourcing a ‘food safe’ hose alternative should you be needing access to drinking water. Please note that the VAAST G-Series Tank and faucet itself are moulded from food safe materials and are a great way to carry and access drinking water on the go.


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