who we are

Here at Expedition HQ, we're a bunch of off-roaders and outdoors people at heart. Our family business is owned and operated by people with real experience and expertise in off road travel, design and manufacturing. From the ages of 2, 3 and 4 the Boswerger boys set off to explore remote Australia with parents Bill and Marion. The series 1 short wheelbase land rover was far from the vehicles of today - but from little things, big things grow! We now manufacture one of the worlds leading brands of Expedition Vehicles, SLRV. From 2022, we are also proud agents for INEOS Automotive - and the new Grenadier 4x4. So if you're looking for the best products, service and advice, look no further. We're here to get you set for your next adventure.

why us

our values


Our team of designers and real world product testers are always looking for the latest innovations to provide you with the best products available.


Our team is highly experienced and can provide you with expert advise in numerous fields.


We sell industry leading products - and provide the backup to boot!