Grenadier accessories under development

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March 21, 2023


INEOS Grenadier, News, Tech

XHQ have partnered with SLRV Expedition Vehicles and other Industry leaders to design a range of specialised expedition accessories for the all new INEOS grenadier 4×4.

The all new INEOS Grenadier is an obvious platform for those of us that want a well set up, capable 4×4 straight out of the box. That also makes it the perfect unit to deck out with accessories for touring – or even build up as a self contained camper. So, Expedition HQ have partnered with leading industry experts to do just that!

Expedition Vehicle manufacturer SLRV have been called up to design and manufacture a range of accessories for the vehicle, including fuel and water storage solutions – and an interior drawer system that lets you fit out your vehicle the way you want. The interchangeable system will include modules for storage, kitchen, fridge and an ‘up-rated’ electrical system. South African company, Bundutec, have also come on board to supply their high quality electric lift rooftop tents and ‘360 degree’ awnings. We look forward to more news and product details in the coming months!