SLRV Isuzu FTS800 4x4 Family Crew Cab Expedition Vehicle

February 28, 2023


News, SLRV, Tech

With the kids finishing high school, here’s a way to ensure your family based expedition vehicle is future proofed!

Want all the benefits of a 2 person motorhome floorplan with separate sleeping quarters for the kids? They say you cant have it all, but SLRV may have just come up with the ultimate solution! The owners of this new FTS800 crew cab knew the kids would really only be travelling with them for a few more years – as school wraps up and they go their own way for the most part.  Bunks tend to take up most of the real estate, leaving little room for the more luxurious items – such as a full ensuite. They needed something that would work for the future.

SLRV’s new design solves this issue. Utilising a King sized electric rooftop tent with internal hatch access, it allows the kids or any other guests to camp up top, with a full ensuite below. We’re keeping a watch on this build so stay tuned for updates!